Audio Equipment

Create crisp, clear, premium sound at your next event using industry leading audio equipment.

What is it?

Your audio is one of the main elements of an AV production. After all, if your audience can’t hear your speaker, then there is no way they will receive the message of your event. Microphones, media players, mixers, and speakers are all examples of the Audio Visual solutions used to help audibly communicate a message through sound. 

Here is what you need to create great sound at your next event:

  • A skilled audio engineer to set up and manage equipment.
  • High quality equipment, including speakers, microphones, and media players mixers.
  • Plan ahead of time to design any background music or stingers and  minimize interference.
  • Develop redundancy in recording devices to capture your entire event if one device fails.

Why do you need it?

Since so many people are auditory learners, it is critical to get your sound system right. On average, people remember just 10 percent of what they see, but will remember 30 to 40 percent of what they see and hear. That’s why you need the right audio plan in place, the right team to manage the AV equipment, and to think through the volume of input in order to manage everything correctly so that everyone can hear.


At what size of an audience do I need a sound system?

There are many variables that will determine whether or not you need a sound system for your event. We take into consideration: the size of your event, the number of attendees, and if it is indoors or outdoors. We typically recommend to invest in a sound system for events larger than 40 people, but it can be necessary for smaller events depending on the factors at play.

How many speakers do you need based on the number of attendees?

The number of speakers needed for your event will vary depending on additional factors, but the number of attendees can offer a good baseline to determine how many speakers you need. Here’s a simple chart to use as a starting point when planning your event.

How much does an audio system cost for my event?

A basic audio system can start at $100 for a couple of speakers, wired microphone, and mixer. The price can vary from there depending on factors including the venue, audience size, wired vs. wireless microphones, and whether there is live music. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your event.

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