Enhance your event with well-timed media playback

Media playback is the process of displaying your event content at exactly the right time during your event. This is achieved through pre-planning and collaboration between your event team and your AV team. 

We work with you to make sure your content shines on your event day. We’ll review your content, including PowerPoint decks, videos, custom graphics, logos, and audio tracks to ensure they are the correct specifications for your playback devices and screens. 

Media playback is typically provided at no extra cost, although there can be costs associated with it if you require content creation services or device rentals.

Organized content playback: Seamless transitions and vibrant media

Keeping your media organized is vital to ensure a smooth run of show on your event day. If you are receiving content from multiple sources or presenters, it is important to test your media in order to match it to the specifications of your playback equipment. 

Once your media is set to the correct specifications, we will work with you to organize your content and rehearse the process to ensure that each presenter’s content is displayed at exactly the right time during their presentation. We’ll also provide quality control on your content to make sure it plays seamlessly without any black bars or flickering, and that the audio syncs correctly to your video. 

Media playback can refer to any type of content or video display that is presented at your event. Here are a few examples of the different sources this multi-media content can come from:

  • A laptop to display Powerpoint decks & video playback
  • The main show computer and backup computer to display all show content
  • A playback pro system to display video in high-definition or 4k
  • A media server to retain and display full format content across multiple outputs
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Media Playback FAQs

Who provides this content?

The client typically provides the content. We can work with you to develop content if needed. This can include anything from providing a videographer to create a pre-production video to sourcing royalty-free stock footage or even creating custom content such as games, logos, and sponsor loops for your event.

Where is this content stored?

We recommend storing your content on a thumb drive, cloud drives such as Google Drive or Dropbox, or a proprietary content management system. If your content is on YouTube or Vimeo, we recommend downloading it to a hard drive to avoid any potential connectivity issues the day of your event.