Illuminate your next event with AV production equipment that creates atmosphere, adds emphasis and guides focus.

What is it?

There are many different ways to light your event to achieve a certain mood, setting, or visual message. But ultimately, lighting serves a huge purpose at any event: to make sure your audience can see what’s going on on stage. Without it, your audience will be distracted trying to see and will not fully receive your message.

Lighting is an area in AV production that can be used creatively to provide memorable event experiences. Here are a few ways:

  • Highlight someone on stage
  • Incorporate visuals like images, logos, or colors
  • Define the stage
  • Add to the overall look and feel of an event
  • Enable people to see if your event is at night

Why do you need it?

Your lighting can change the entire mood of an event. Whether you’re simply highlighting a speaker on stage or you’re launching a creative lighting program, this is an area that is always worth the investment. A dark stage can make it difficult for your audience to listen to the speaker, and can bring negative energy into the room. A little bit of lighting can go a long way to transform a room into a dynamic environment that is high in energy.

We’re experienced in lighting design and can work your lighting strategy perfectly into your overall event planning. Using the right AV equipment and lighting techniques will truly transform your event. 

Here are a few of the types of lighting we offer:

  • Uplighting: Create ambience using small lighting fixtures strategically placed on the floor.  
  • Washes: Highlight certain areas or objects by distributing light and color evenly across the area.
  • Textured Lighting: Add some dimension to your event with patterned lighting.
  • LED Lights: LED lights are energy efficient and offer greater control than incandescent.


Should I use LED or incandescent lights?

LED lights are the more popular lighting type choice for several reasons. They use less energy, are extremely durable, and can be set to emit a wide range of colors ranging from warm light to cooler tones.

What are some of the ways to save on lighting expenses?

The first step to determine how to save on lighting costs is to think about the type of event and your goals. If you’re hosting a concert or other type of high-energy performance, then lighting will probably be a large part of your event budget. However, if you’re hosting a smaller event, you can easily save some money by skipping the rigging and instead focusing on ground support to do basic options like a stage wash. Contact us for more info or to discuss your specific event details. We are always working to provide the best price for your budget.

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