Improve Video Content with Brilliant Lights

Video lighting instruments provide perfect lighting to ensure high-quality video capture. Whether you are recording a general session, one-on-one interview, or b-roll, light quality can drastically improve your video. 

There are two types of lighting that are key to a quality video recording of your general session:

  • Stage Lighting: Stage lighting provides an even wash of light across all areas of the stage. This will highlight your presenters and showcase your set design so that your cameras can accurately record things like skin tone and coloring.
  • Backlighting: Backlighting uses a series of lights that are rigged above your backdrop to light your presenters from behind. This creates a nice distinction between your presenters and the background. This is especially helpful if you are using a black drape and your presenter has dark hair or clothing, as it can prevent your presenter’s outline from blending in with the backdrop. 

Enhance Lighting for a High Quality Video

You cannot get a good video recording without proper lighting. Whether you are recording with professional cameras or a cell phone, your event lighting will make or break your recording quality. 

The value of your lighting investment will extend beyond your recording quality. It will ensure everyone can see the stage during your event, and it can help direct attention to different areas of the room and evoke certain moods. A well-lit event space will provide the best experience for attendees as well as for anyone watching your footage later on. 

Backstage video lighting from recording a video of a businessperson's lecture.

Video Lighting FAQs

What areas require the most lighting?

The main stage is one of the most important areas to focus your lighting efforts. But it’s also important to provide adequate lighting in any other areas that your audience is likely to congregate, such as the foyer or bar area. If you’re planning to set up a photo booth or other brand activation element, you’ll also want to consider the lighting in that area. 

Is it possible to edit dimly-lit footage during post-production?

While there is some opportunity to improve video quality during post-production, this can reduce the overall quality of your footage. It is extremely important to ensure your event space is well lit so that your original video capture is the best it can be. This will also reduce the number of hours required to edit the footage later.