CAD Renderings that improve the execution of your event

CAD, or computer-aided design, is an electronic blueprint of an event space that includes dimensions and can accurately show the set, stage, seating arrangements, elements, rigging and power locations, table locations, and more to a very accurate degree. 3D renderings can show a preview of what an event can look like from anywhere in the room.

3D Representations that help bring the event space to life

You have a vision of what your event will look like. CAD & 3D renderings can bring your vision to life during pre-production. You can visualize exactly how your event will look in the space, which will help plan your layout and rigging locations. Having these blueprints available will improve the overall audience experience the day of your event because there won’t be any surprises. Everything will be mapped out beforehand, right down to the line of sight from each chair. 

 CAD & 3D renderings can be used to:

  • Decide on a setup. Visualize 2-3 different set designs, screen configurations, or seating arrangements to determine the best setup for the venue.
  • Create custom stage configurations. Decide on the placement of your equipment like projectors, lights, audio systems, and recording devices.
  • Foster collaboration. CAD & 3D renderings provide one source document that can be shared between your internal team and the AV team. Since everyone will be working off the same document, it will be easy to see changes and ultimately agree on a final set design. 
  • Streamline setup. Share your CAD & 3D renderings with the venue staff so that when they’re setting up for the event they know exactly where to place everything. They are also extremely valuable if you will be holding multiple events that will be set up similarly.
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CAD & 3D Renderings FAQs

Do I need a CAD and 3D rendering for every event? 

No. A lot of smaller events can get away with the basic overhead diagram and seating arrangement that’s prepared by the venue. We can drop in additional calculations for where screens and recording equipment will be set up on top of these diagrams. 

However, if you’re planning a larger event with rigging, a CAD is almost always required by the venue. It will make the setup easier to approve and execute by understanding the exact dimensions of the space available and how everything will fit together to avoid any guesswork the day of the event. The benefits of having a CAD more than make up for the cost of creating it for larger sized events. 

What do I need to provide to get a CAD drawing from an AV provider? 

You would just need to provide the venue information and contact at the venue and we’d take it from there! 

How accurate are the drawings? 

CAD drawings are extremely accurate. They are used time and time again, and dimensions are double and triple checked down to the millimeter. This gives us full control of the items we drop in, such as LED panels, chairs, table setups, and rigging.