A collaborative system designed organize and manage all event content

Any event or conference with speakers is going to have some type of content that needs to be managed. The content management process can easily become a confusing, convoluted experience if you don’t take the time to develop a content management strategy. 

Having a content management strategy in place will streamline setup and organization so that you can focus on other aspects of the event instead of updating last-minute changes to a Powerpoint deck. 

Content management starts with storage. Cloud-based content storage options include: 

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Proprietary content management systems

Types of content that can live in your content storage system include:

  • Session abstracts
  • Speaker profiles
  • Powerpoint slide decks and other presentation materials 
  • Video clips

In addition to the content storage system that houses your content and syncs changes across devices as they are made, we also offer setup of a speaker ready room on site the day of your event. This will give your speaker a final chance to run through their presentation materials and make any last-minute changes, which will sync with all the devices that will display the content.

Boost production value with organized content

Housing all of your event content on a content storage system will relieve a lot of stress associated with preparing your content. When you use a cloud-based storage system to manage your content, everyone on your team and your AV team can access the latest version of any presentation. Everyone can easily check what content is needed, what is ready, and what needs to be finalized. This increases production value and keeps everyone organized before, during, and after your event. 

Content management is especially helpful if you are working with a large team or panel of presenters. With multiple people bringing in content from different places and at different times, it can become extremely difficult for one person to manage and update each piece of content. 

If you house it all in a cloud-based content storage system, you can easily make edits, check formats, and collaborate directly within the documents. Having a speaker ready room the day of the event also helps to streamline the behind-the-scenes work the day of the event to make sure that everything runs according to plan. 

Content Management FAQs

How large does my event need to be to require content management? 

Content management is a useful tool regardless of the type of event you are planning. It becomes more vital for larger conferences and events that have multiple presenters. Content storage systems are great for events of all sizes to store, update, and track content. Larger events can benefit from having a dedicated speaker ready room to provide a last opportunity for presenters to run through their materials with a graphics tech to ensure everything looks good and is ready to present in the correct location. 

How much does content management cost?

The price range for content management varies depending on the system used. If you are working off of a free system like Google Drive, you will simply need access to the internet at the event venue. Add on services include proprietary content management systems and setup of speaker ready rooms the day of the event.