Hire a Notes Operator to Manage Presentations

A notes operator is a labor position that manages presenter notes to ensure they are edited, properly formatted, and displayed on the correct monitor at the right time during your event. Operators to manage presentation notes would make an excellent addition to your AV production team if your presenters have extensive notes and/or the setup of your show requires multiple downstage monitors.

Well-Timed Notes for Presentations

Sometimes, presenters write notes that are too long to fit in the basic PowerPoint presentation mode template. In order to avoid having to scroll through these notes and risk a potential problem the day of your event, notes operators will edit and format the notes in their own Word document that will be displayed on a separate screen during the presentation. 

Keeping your presenter’s notes in a separate document and display screen will create a more seamless event flow. An operator will offer assistance whenever needed to ensure that your presenter’s dialogue is displayed clearly and at exactly the right time during their presentation. It’s one less thing they will have to worry about as they prepare to give an amazing presentation.

Notes Operators FAQs

What’s the difference between the graphics operator and a notes operator? 

The graphics operator is responsible for ensuring that the PowerPoint and keynote content looks its best and plays at the correct time during your event. In other words, they are managing what the audience will see during the presentation. The notes operators, on the other hand, work behind the scenes to make sure that the presenter’s notes are properly formatted and displayed on the downstage monitors. 

Where does the notes operator work out of when the show is happening? 

During the show, the notes operator will typically hop back and forth between the speaker ready room (if available) and the back of house next to the graphics operator. The operator will work in the speaker ready room leading up to showtime to make any final edits to the notes as needed. Once the show starts, they will be alongside the graphics operator to make sure that the correct notes content is sent to the confidence monitor at exactly the right time for each presenter. 

How much does it cost to add a notes operator to my team?

Typically, the operator can be added to the AV production team for about $750 a day, with overtime starting after 10 hours.