Hire the right people to manage your event

Executing a successful event requires a lot of planning behind the scenes. It’s not uncommon to have an entire team of talented individuals working together, each with their own specialized skills.

The combination of all of these individuals working before, during, and after an event is show management. Everything from crew managers directing presenters when it’s time to take the stage to graphics operators managing PowerPoint decks can be considered show management. The quality of your show management crew will determine the level of professionalism achieved during your next event. 

Two people engaged in show management behind the scenes.

A professional crew will deliver a polished event experience 

It is important that every aspect of your event is carefully managed so that everything runs smoothly. With all of the different moving parts at play, it can be easy to have some tasks slip during event day. A strong show management team will prevent things like this from happening. 

The quality of your crew is just as important, if not more important, than the quality of the equipment you’re using. A talented crew will think through all of the roles that need to be filled on event day. Some of the key roles include:

  • Project manager: Plans and oversees the event to ensure everything is set up on time and the event runs smoothly.
  • Audio engineer: Sets up and operates the sound system so that everybody sounds great.
  • Show caller: Provides direction on event day and organizes content beforehand. 
  • Stage manager: Manages the flow of presenters so everyone is ready to go at the right time.

All of these things are essential to give the audience a great experience. Without giving careful thought to these roles, you risk having a disjointed and rocky event, which will not only make the audience uncomfortable, but will make presenters nervous as well. 

It’s always worth investing in a professional crew. A lot of aspects of show management are learned through experience, so hiring a well-seasoned crew can eliminate a lot of headaches since they’ll know what common issues come up and how to prevent them. When everything is running smoothly, your presenter will feel more comfortable, which will allow them to deliver their message in the right way to be received by your audience.

Show Management FAQs

What does a show caller do?

A show caller is a very important role to fill on event day. Sometimes called producers, the show caller is responsible for managing the many different aspects of an event in order for it to run smoothly. This includes managing content beforehand, cuing presenters when it’s time to take the stage, and communicating any changes to the schedule. 

What does a video engineer do vs. the camera director?

A video engineer will typically be responsible for tasks such as video switching, camera switching, and recording. The camera director will focus more on the setup of the cameras, such as the best placement and which types of cameras to use. Both are essential roles as one focuses on the technical handling of the equipment and the other on the overall artistic vision.