The physical elements that make a stage, backdrop, room or environment more attractive.  

What is staging?

Staging elements will direct everyone’s attention to the area the message of your event is coming from. This is a component of your overall AV production where you have a lot of creative freedom to design a stage that will fit in nicely with your event aesthetic. 

There are many options for the physical elements that make up a stage, including:

  • Scenic Columns
  • Custom hard sets
  • Modular Soft sets
  • Creative use of fabric
  • Custom Prints
  • Custom designs
  • Lighting Design
  • Drape
  • Scenic Tiles
Creative Staging
Large butterfly scenic piece on stage in Cancun.

Any of these elements can be mixed and matched to create a stage that will impress your audience and make your presenters feel more comfortable the day of the event. Your stage is an extension of your brand. It will add a professional look and feel to your event space while introducing an element of excitement to the environment.  

Why you need staging at your event

Staging traditionally refers to everything that is happening at the front of the room where audience attention is focused. It’s your chance to make an impression on your audience and deliver an innovative and memorable experience. By incorporating your staging elements with sound, lighting, and video technology, you are creating an environment that is sure to impress.

A simple stage can start with a couple of pieces of drape to define the presenter area. But complex stages require a lot of planning, logistics, and technical setup. Working with an event production company will make it easier for you to incorporate more powerful staging elements, such as rigging and lighting, video screens, and custom built structures.

AV Drop
An AV drop on stage

Staging FAQs

Can you bring in custom staging?

Yes! Custom staging is a great way to tailor your event to your audience. Cutting-edge techniques and materials can be used to produce a high-quality stage that will not soon be forgotten. You can bring in your own custom staging design or our team of designers can work with you to create the perfect stage for your event.

Do I need an event production company to help with staging?

Working with an event production company will introduce new ideas and remove a lot of logistical headaches associated with safely building a stage. A professional event production company will bring in new ideas, provide 3-D concept renderings to visualize how the finished product will look, and handle load-in, set-up, and permits/approvals associated with setting up your stage. 

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