The coordination of multiple AV production venue elements in order to ensure proper design, timing and cost management during an event.

What is venue logistics?

The attendee experience is one of the main purposes of holding an event, and there are a lot of logistics at play that will ultimately determine if your guests have a good experience or a bad one. Venue logistics are typically handled by the project manager and include all of the behind-the-scenes work involved with planning an event. Typical venue logistics tasks include:

  • Managing production schedules
  • Timing load-in and load-out
  • Coordinating with the venue staff 
  • Rigging and Power
  • Connecting to high-speed Internet

Venue logistics tasks can seem like small pieces of an event and are often overlooked by some event planners. But if there isn’t enough time dedicated to managing these tasks, you risk running into issues on the day of your event. An experienced AV production company will know how to manage all related parties and equipment correctly to ensure your event will run as smoothly as possible. 

Why you need venue logistics

Before you even start to consider the details leading up to your event, it is important to determine if have found the right space. Your event can only be as good as the space in which it is held, so it’s crucial to think about things like the room configuration, height of the ceilings, number of attendees, and power requirements before choosing a venue. 

Choosing a venue is a huge part of venue logistics. Once you’ve found a good fit, then it’s time to focus on the details. Venue logistics are done in partnership when working with an event management company. 

The highest cost associated with venue logistics is not managing it properly. If you or your event management company don’t think through things like logistics, power requirements, load in and load out times, and rigging, then you introduce risk to your event and budget.

Venue logistics crew setting up the event

Venue Logistics FAQs

How do I determine if an AV production company is experienced in venue logistics?

Look for a company that has experience working with venues and hotels. An experienced company will be happy to share customer testimonials or case studies, as well as partners they have worked with in the past. 

Who is responsible for handling venue logistics?

The AV production project manager typically handles all tasks associated with venue logistics. A good project manager will focus on logistics such as managing the crew, bringing in gear, working on production schedules, being mindful of load in and load out timing, coordinating with the venue staff and more. 

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