What are LED Walls?

LED video walls are modular video panels that can be configured to create custom screens of any size or resolution. LED’s flexible design allows for screens of any shape, including curved screens or cascading pillars. LED technology is quickly overshadowing projection and monitors for events, especially for events that are expecting an extra wow factor.

Your videos will truly come to life on high-quality LED video wall displays. Not only will your videos be crisp and clear, but your entire audience will have a great view of your content regardless of where they are in the venue, or how far they are from the screen. You can even host an event outdoors with specialty outdoor LED video walls. You won’t need to worry about changing lighting conditions, shadows, or distance as limiting factors on your video quality and your overall event experience.

Why Your Event Needs LED Wall Panels

LED video walls will show a seamless picture from all angles and lighting conditions. They offer the most freedom to create custom displays that will captivate audiences. 

During your event planning, you will likely have to decide between using an LED wall or traditional projection. Although LED video walls prices are higher than traditional projection, the production value and flexibility is attractive to many planners.

Here are a few reasons why LED screen walls might be a good fit for your next event:

  • Outdoor venue: If your event is going to be held outside, lighting and weather can change without notice. Outdoor LED video walls can be weather resistant, and video quality is not affected by changing lighting conditions.
  • Custom screen designs: There are some custom resolutions that simply can’t be displayed on projection screens. If you have a custom screen size in mind, or want to have multiple panels set up in unique shapes or patterns, then an LED video wall will allow you to achieve your vision. 
  • Curved stage: LED video panels can create a curved screen that can add dimension to your set or play off of a round stage.
  • Limited space: Projection can require a lot of space for rigging all of the necessary equipment. If your event venue doesn’t have a lot of room to rig equipment, LED walls can be easily set up in tight spaces.
  • Heightened Production value: Many executive conferences and high tech or pharmaceutical companies are always competing to be on the cutting edge of technology, LED wall displays can offer this advantage.  
Blackberry-Cylance LED wall

LED Video Walls FAQs

Why would I need an LED wall over a projection screen at my event?

An LED video wall can add a special touch to your event that a traditional projector wouldn’t be able to achieve. While you can still produce an engaging video presentation with projection, using an LED video wall can introduce a wow factor to your event because of the ability to create custom sizes and resolutions. Additionally, if your event is being held outside or in a really bright area, a video displayed on LED walls will still look great.

What are the different types of LED walls?

There are many different types of LED video walls that can be used to ensure that your content is displayed pixel-perfect at your event. The resolution of an LED wall is determined by the pixel density of each panel. Just like with regular video walls, your LED wall can be created to display video at 1080p, 4k, or custom resolutions. Your AV consultants can work with you to provide the correct specs to build the perfect LED video wall for your event.