Video switchers for a seamless audience experience

A video switcher is a piece of equipment used to transition between multiple sources when presenting content. Switching creates a seamless viewing experience as you switch from the main presentation laptop to a demo tablet, video playback laptop, or other media. Your audience won’t see the presenter’s desktop or any clicking behind the scenes, creating a more professional look and feel for your event.

Video switching can be used in many ways to improve the overall audience experience at your event. Here are a few examples of ways to use switching to elevate the audience experience: 

  • Multicam Webcasting: If you are live-streaming a presentation, you can use a switcher to switch between different camera angles, and to share previously recorded video or live demo content.
  • Logo storage: You can display the main conference logo, names, dates, or schedules during different portions of the program or during breaks. Some switchers can hold multiple slides for added variety. 
  • Add interactive demos: Easily move between your presentation and demo equipment to include live demos during your next conference. 
  • Sync different signals and source types: If you are using multiple laptops and sources, your images that are being sent out to the projectors may look different depending on which source it is played from. A switcher can sync all of them together to make one clean image that looks the same across all screens. 
  • Control confidence monitors: Provide notes or add images for the presenters on stage to see.

Why do you need it?

Switching can easily upgrade your event production value to create a more professional presentation. Additionally, adding a switcher to your equipment arsenal will give the AV technicians better peace of mind and control over your content. The switcher will connect multiple laptops to your screens, giving the video technician full control over the content to ensure a flawless experience.  

Video Switching FAQs

Do I need a switcher for my next event?

A switcher is needed when you have multiple screens and/or multiple sources. For example, if you are planning to play video from multiple sources on the same screen, such as having a presentation on a laptop and showing a product demo from a tablet, you will need a switcher to switch between sources. 

What type of inputs are available?

Whether your presenter is using a Macbook with a Mini DisplayPort, a PC with HDMI, or a tablet with a USB-C, you will be able to connect them to our switchers. We have a full range of switchers available with the proper adapters to display your media on the screen.