Display Video Content on Crisp, Clear Monitors

Video monitors range in size from 17” to 100”. They are a great option for smaller or more intimate events that may not have a lot of room to set up a projector. A monitor can look cleaner while still offering the same connections and inputs that a projector would. 

They can be set up vertically or horizontally to display your content. If you’re displaying content filmed from a phone or from an app like Instagram or Snapchat, you can set up your monitors vertically to make it a different experience rather than viewing this content on a widescreen. 

Here are a few ways video monitors can be used to increase the production value at your next event: 

  • Small breakout rooms: Display video in intimate settings where other equipment may not fit.
  • Demo apps: Touchscreen monitors can offer interactive ways to engage your audience, such as creating a kiosk experience, a large iPhone experience, or setting up a gaming experience.
  • Confidence monitors: Allow presenters on stage to see notes or other content. They can also be used for technicians to monitor everything that is going on in the room. 
  • High-bright monitors: These can be used outside or in rooms with a lot of ambient light. 
  • Board room setups: Adding a monitor on stage or at the end of a boardroom table can add a more professional touch to the room.
  • Digital signage: Monitors placed in strategic locations throughout the event space can display the agenda and help point people in the right direction. 
  • Exhibitions/event booths: A small monitor can connect to a tablet to show a demo, or can play a video reel of the product. 

Video Displays that Illuminate Your Event

Video monitors are versatile, easy to install, and affordable. They can be used as main display monitors for smaller events, or as wayfinding and digital signage for larger events. Introducing video monitors to your event can bridge gaps in the event experience to make sure that everyone can consume your video content, no matter where they are in the room or venue.

Two black and whitevideo monitors side by side.

Video Monitors FAQs

What size monitor should I use?

The best monitor size for your event will depend on the number of attendees, the size of the room, and how many monitors there will be in the event space. If you are hosting a large event, adding additional monitors can help ensure everyone in the room has a good viewing angle of the screen. Feel free to contact us for our recommendations for monitor sizes for your next event. 

How many monitors do I need to use as digital signage? 

First, consider where you expect people to congregate at the venue. Video monitors can be placed in these locations to help display your content in the most heavily trafficked areas. Some good places to start include the registration desk, foyer, in front of the main rooms, and outside of elevators. The number of monitors needed for digital signage will vary by the size of the venue, the expected number of attendees, and the event budget.