Video Recording

Rent cameras, microphones, and other specialty video recording equipment to document your next conference or event and capture every important moment.

What is it?

We treat video recording as both a product and a service. The equipment itself is used to communicate a message visually through displays, screens and other surfaces. We use high-quality recording equipment to capture all of the most important moments of your event, from the keynote speakers to meals and networking. 

Once your event is recorded, we provide options for packaging the raw footage into a sizzle reel for your next event or conference. 

Why do you need it?

We live in a time where we document everything, even if it’s just as simple as snapping a photo with our smartphones or sharing a story on Instagram. Make sure your next event is professionally documented by either renting high-quality AV equipment or hiring a skilled technician to handle the equipment. 

A good video recording strategy will minimize risk the day of your event. Since your event will only take place once, it’s critical to have the right equipment in the right places, with the right people operating it to ensure that every important moment is captured. 

A few ways to do this are:

  • Hire a recording technician to manage all cameras and recording devices
  • Use multiple cameras to offer redundancy in your recording
  • Strategize how you’ll use the content after the event, which may include hiring a video editor or producer

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How much does it cost to do video recording?

Prices vary by equipment type, number of technicians, and setup required. Prices can range from $500-5,000, so please call us to get an accurate quote.

How do I know if I need a recording technician?

If you are hosting a large event or conference, a recording technician will help to ensure your sound is excellent, both as it is amplified live and the quality of how it is recorded. If you are using multiple video cameras or microphones, a sound technician will be helpful to manage the equipment.

I already have raw footage from my last event. Can you help me edit it?

Yes! We can help you decide what to do with your content after it is recorded. Our team of video editors can edit and package your content into your desired format, including sizzle reels.