Touch Screen Monitors

Rent touch screen monitors for your next conference, meeting, event, or trade show. 

What is it?

Touch screen monitors are interactive screens that you can touch to navigate. We offer touch screen monitors in sizes from 32 to 90 inches, and you can also tile multiple monitors to create an even larger display. 

Our high resolution touch screen monitors are compatible with your pre-existing content. We also offer customized content creation services if you haven’t created any content yet. 

Why do you need it?

If you’re interested in engaging your audience at your next event, touch screen monitors are an excellent piece of equipment to use. The use of touchscreen monitors is growing in popularity, and they can be used to create more fun and memorable experiences. 

Whether you need a single touch screen monitor or would like to rent multiple monitors to display throughout a large meeting space, we will work with you to ensure your content runs smoothly. Monitors can be displayed vertically, horizontally, or in tile format and can be networked together to display your message. 

There are also different options for the look and feel of your touch screen monitor rental. You can create a kiosk experience, a large iPhone experience, or set up a gaming experience.


How much does it cost to rent a touch screen monitor?

Prices vary by quantity, size, and setup required. Please call us to get an accurate quote.

Here are our most common touch screen monitor rental sizes and pricing:

32” touch screen rental: $400 
42” touch screen rental: $600 
46” touch screen rental: $700
55” touch screen rental: $800
65” touch screen rental: $1200

Do you rent regular monitors?

Yes! If your event doesn’t require a lot of interaction, you can use a standard high definition monitor instead of a touch screen. Another great option to introduce some interaction at your event is to use a mobile app on existing technology, such as a mobile phone or iPad, in conjunction with or in place of a touch screen monitor.

What are the uses for a touch screen monitor?

Touch screen monitors can introduce a level of fun and interactivity to your next event. Similar to your mobile phone, you can touch the screen to navigate your content. 

There are many practical uses for touch screen monitors. Here are a few examples:

App/product demos
Speaker presentations
Interactive surveys
Self-service information kiosks
Self-service registration